Singer-songwriter Jenna Paulette's "Wild Like the West" is, ultimately, an homage to her home state of Texas, and a meditation on how she sees "wildness" reflected in her own identity. The acoustic version of the song -- a performance of which Paulette is exclusively premiering on The Boot -- is vulnerable and emotive; press play above to watch.

"Boy I'm wild as the West, leave your head in a mess / Get your heart beatin' out of your chest," Paulette sings in the song's chorus. "You'll feel like an old Mustang / Chasin'  that freight train / Cursin' the day we met / So if you know what's best, let me be wild like the West ..."

Paulette returned to an important place of comfort to record this "Wild Like the West" performance: her horse barn near Nashville. "It's the place I feel the most 'me' in or near Nashville," the artist tells The Boot. "I needed my 'West' out in the Southeast, and that place has provided it for me, [so] it just felt right to film the acoustic video there."

Co-written by Paulette and Jeb Gipson, "Wild Like the West" showcases the singer at her most open and unguarded. "It's just vulnerable to me, even more so when it's acoustic," Paulette says of the song. "Every word hits a little more raw -- at least, it did as I was singing it."

"Wild Like the West" is the latest single from Paulette's forthcoming EP. Fans can keep up with her plans for new music and shows at

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