The university is being sued by people who claim that they are awarding scholarships based on race, gender, and other factors. Here are the details of the shocking claims...

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Before we dive in, let me state that these are just claims accusations, no one has officially been charged with any wrongdoing...

According to an article from WHO News Radio, Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois is being accused of discrimination. In the article, they say...

"There's a new federal lawsuit against Western Illinois University accusing the school of discrimination. In the suit, William Jacobson, the head of the Equal Protection Project claims Western is breaking federal law by awarding scholarships based on race or gender."

The article goes on to mention that the university has not officially seen the lawsuit yet. Other sources say that the law is clear against discrimination based on sex or gender, for more information, click here!

Not a good look

Universities are not thriving right now, especially here in Illinois, but that doesn't mean they should be discriminating against any particular race, sex, or gender. I have no idea if these claims against WIU are legitimate or not, but I will say that if it is true that WIU or any institution of higher education is discriminating against people they need to be held accountable for that. Students who are looking to further their education must have equal and fair chances for things like scholarships and admission into these places of higher education, especially public universities like state schools.

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