I understand why many stores over the past half-dozen years have moved to self-checkout options, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Could it be there is good news for people like me that detest having to battle robot registers in Missouri? There are many reports that give me hope.

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I am a fan of technology and it didn't surprise me when more and more self-checkout registers appeared in many Missouri stores my family shops in. I hate seeing my fellow Missourians losing jobs in favor of the robots though. There are several reports that say this trend MAY be reversing. Yahoo Finance just recently shared news that Walmart and Costco "are rethinking self-checkout". There's another report from The Atlantic that calls self-checkout "a failed experiment".

What's the problem with self-checkout in Missouri stores?

Multiple issues including managers being told by customers that they're confusing. When you're trying to checkout with fresh vegetables, good luck figuring out the code to enter into the machines. One Missouri store reported that customers without needed memberships were sneaking into stores to take advantage of member pricing.

What's the real reason some Missouri stores are considering removing or at least lessening self-checkout registers? Managers are being told that customers just flat out don't like them. 

It's important to note that these are nothing but press releases right now and self-checkout will remain for the immediate future. But, if the corporate statements are accurate, actual human beings with jobs might very well return in force and I would be thrilled if that becomes the new reality again.

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