If you've lived in Missouri long enough and pay attention to alleged UFO activity, you have no doubt heard the stories about UFO's over Whiteman Air Force Base. There's a new study that thinks it knows why. The sightings were connected to nuclear weapons based on this new theory.

I saw this brand new share by the Daily Mail which shares a long-time research project by a retired US Air Force staff sergeant, Larry Hancock. It's actually 3 different papersUAP Indications Analysis 1945-1975 United States Atomic Warfare ComplexUAP Pattern Recognition Study 1945-1975 US Military Atomic Warfare Complex and UAP Activity Pattern Study 1945-1975 Military and Public Activities. Here's the short version of what he found. There appears to be a direct connection between UFO activity over United States military facilities and nuclear weapons and that includes incursions over Whiteman Air Force Base back in 1984 that were recognized by the Air Force in 2008.

The many orbs and UFO's that have been spotted over or near Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri over the years are connected to the nuclear-weapon capable stealth bombers stationed there now and in the past the 150 Minuteman II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) silos and 15 launch control facilities spread over 14 counties of west central Missouri as documented by the state of Missouri. The data seems to show that...something or someone was monitoring the nuclear weapon facilities and planes.

If you're interested in this possible connection, I highly recommend listening to UFOs and High Strangeness at Whiteman AFB with Adrian Reister who was a former USAF Nuclear Technician stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base between 2003 and 2007.

Is there really a connection between UFO activity over Whiteman Air Force base and the nuclear presence in that part of Missouri over the decades? As Mulder and Scully used to say, the truth is out there.

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