It's been said that crime doesn't pay, but in this case you must pay dearly for your crime. That's true especially if you're St. Louis, Missouri which nearly has the highest crime cost in America.

I've seen just about every crime metric and title applied to St. Louis, Missouri over the years. "Murder capital" is just one of the phrases you'll hear to describe the violent crime rate in Missouri's second biggest city. Money Geek has just shared a new ranking that will likely see a new nickname applied to the Gateway City. Perhaps something along the lines of "Cash Crime Capital" based on new data they've crunched.

This new ranking names the safest cities in America for 2024 and also the other side of the spectrum. Take a wild guess where St. Louis lands on this list. Check out these numbers:

Infographic, Money Geek
Infographic, Money Geek

When figured on a per-capita basis, St. Louis ranks 3rd in America for the costliest crime in the country with an astonishing $11,055 crime cost. Is it any wonder that St. Louis is so challenged when trying to keep up with the skyrocketing violent crime rates?

How did Money Geek determine this crime cost for St. Louis?

Their methodology says they factor in "direct economic costs of crime to individuals and society include victim medical and mental health care needs, damage to and loss of property and police and corrections costs". With all that added up, St. Louis is in the red - blood red literally sadly.

I would argue that you can't really add up the human cost that this crime is having on the St. Louis area. How much would you value a life at?

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