There are some things you always need to do when you're in Missouri. Some are traditional and one is brand new. The brand new thing that has only been possible since late last year is stop at the Buc-ee's in Springfield, Missouri and try these 11 foods.

Most people know that visiting the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is an iconic thing to do. Some people also enjoy going to a St. Louis Cardinals game just so they can say they did it. Seeing the Chiefs in Kansas City is also now a must-do activity. Add to that list stopping by Missouri's first-ever Buc-ee's location in Springfield. While you're there, make sure you sample these 11 must-try Buc-ee's foods.

10 Foods You Have to Try at Missouri's Buc-ee's in Springfield

Gallery Credit: BabbleTop via YouTube

My many Texas friends have bragged about how great their Buc-ee's are for years and now it's awesome that Missouri has its own. I haven't been near Springfield since it opened in December of 2023, but it's now on my go-to list as it likely will be yours if you're nearby. Save me a sausage-on-a-stick if you do.

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