There are lots of ways to define who's rich and who's not. If you're measuring wealth in Missouri and you're defining that word by cold, hard cash, the 5 richest families have bling in the billions.

There's no more prestigious list of rich people than the one that Forbes shares each year. The most recent Forbes 400 list for a complete year is obviously 2023. According to Forbes, here are the 5 richest Missouri families. Oh, and there's a new number one.

5. Rodger Riney & family - cofounder of discount brokerage firm Scottrade - Net worth $3.6 billion

4. Jim Kavanaugh and family - CEO of IT provider World Wide Technology - Net worth $4.7 billion

3. David Steward and family - Founder and Chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology - Net worth $7.6 billion

2. John Morris and family - Founder of Bass Pro Shops - Net worth $8 billion

1. Pauline MacMillan Keinath - Shareholder of Cargill - Net worth $8.8 billion

What's interesting is this Forbes list is constantly changing. Even #1 Pauline MacMillan Keinath had a net worth of $8.8 billion as of October of 2023, but now in March of 2024 appears to have fallen to $7.4 billion. After she took over the top spot from Johnny Morris last year, this list could flip flop when the new 2024 list is issued.

It's worth noting that the richest family in Missouri is only ranked #98 in the world. Think about that. There are 97 other families who are worth more than $8.8 billion dollars.

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