It would be a blessing in disguise if it were to happen like this. I'm referring to a scenario in a leaked Pentagon paper that reveals what a nuclear surprise first-strike attack would look like. What it describes includes the terrifying fact that Missouri would be 'one of the first targets to go'.

There is a newly declassified Pentagon paper called 'Bolt Out of the Blue' that was just shared by The Daily Mail among others. What it describes is a scenario that the US military believes is one of the worst-case scenarios you can possibly imagine. They lay out how the United States military could be wiped out by an enemy with what they describe as "an unwarned nuclear first strike" which could hypothetically destroy the entire United States before we could even retaliate.

National Interest says that a 'Bolt Out of the Blue' scenario is something that military planners in America have been concerned about for decades. Instead of targeting major cities, the attack is designed to destroy and/or neutralize all United States weapons and the units that deliver them with Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri being among the first targets right after the Pentagon itself. The strategy would be to completely wipe out the stealth bombers that call that Missouri Air Force base home before they ever get into the air. 

The 'Bolt Out of the Blue' nuclear attack scenario doesn't end for Missouri with Whiteman Air Force Base though. All of the purple triangles and black dots on this FEMA warning map would likely be vaporized.

Infographic, FEMA
Infographic, FEMA

This newly-declassified document says that those in Missouri who perish in the first nuclear strike would be the lucky ones. The rest of the state (and the country for that matter) would face a dreary slow death or desperate attempt at survival.

My question is why declassify a document like this now when the world has several conflicts either in progress or rumored to be near a flashpoint? It seems very suspicious that something that's been secretly talked about for decades would suddenly be revealed at a time like this.

As per usual, we are left with more questions than we have answers. The only reality (which we already knew) is that Missouri would likely be on the frontline of any worst-case nuclear exchange which we hope remains in the realm of fiction and not reality.

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