Just to be clear, it's not April 1 anymore and this is not a joke. There is a new adjustment to the path of totality for the April 8 solar eclipse that will pass over Missouri.

I thought someone was messing with me when they mentioned there was an adjustment to the path of totality for the historic solar eclipse on April 8 that will darken Missouri and Illinois. I was wrong.

Earth/Sky confirmed that there are really actual adjustments to the path of totality made by John Irwin. Scientists have determined "they have a newly refined measurement of the radius of the sun itself" which makes previous eclipse totality maps slightly off. See it for yourself. Newsweek also confirmed this so you know I'm not falling for a prank.

If you can't see the embed correctly on your device, here's the eclipse totality path over Missouri using John Irwin's adjustment.

John Irwin/Google Maps
John Irwin/Google Maps

My understanding is that due to the recalculation of the sun's radius, the path of totality over Missouri will be slightly wider than previously thought.

What's the takeaway? If you have reservations at a specific place in Missouri, you're likely going to be fine and the eclipse will be as you expected provided the weather remains clear on Monday, April 8. However, the path may be a bit more wider over Missouri than previously thought. How crazy is that?

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