Something strange happened over Albany, Missouri Thursday night into Friday morning. Video captured by a backyard security camera shows the Northern Lights, but there were no Northern Lights overnight so that's impossible.

If you don't already, follow Missouri Skies on YouTube. Dan Bush is always sharing interesting things and this is certainly no exception. According to this just shared video, it was captured during the early morning hours of April 19, 2024 around 5am. Watch what appears to be a red aurora appear just over the horizon.

Here's the strange thing. According to NOAA's Space Weather Forecast Dashboard, there were no Northern Lights reported early Friday morning.

What appeared red in the skies over Albany, Missouri?

Dan mentions in his description the possibility that this was a SAR Arc. A SAR is "stable auroral red" emission in the atmosphere. EOS says "extreme thermal and kinetic energy in Earth’s atmosphere" cause this phenomena.

It's not unprecedented that the Northern Lights appear over Missouri. As a matter of fact, Missouri Skies captured them back in December from this very same backyard camera.

What exactly appeared over Albany, Missouri early Friday morning? Certainly something painted the skies red. We'll see if NOAA acknowledges any phenomena as this video and other reports get analyzed.

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