It looks like any typical rural Illinois highway, but it's ranked as one of the most feared roadways in America. Why? The truth is that this innocent-looking path through the Land of Lincoln is a death trap waiting to happen and I can prove it with data.

This topic came up after a major vehicle dealership asked their customers what roads they dread driving on more than any other. Among the top 20 is a highway that crosses Illinois that looks like any old road in these parts.

Nostalgia Tours Radio via YouTube
Nostalgia Tours Radio via YouTube

This is Illinois Route 24 which is ranked as one of the top 20 most feared roads in America. What makes it so deadly? Here are headlines from just the past 24 hours involving accidents on Illinois Route 24...

These horrific stories don't even include the tragic school bus crash back in March of 2024.

When most people envision a dangerous road, they likely think of a harrowing mountain pass or a place where there are blind corners with limited visibility. For this innocent-looking highway in Illinois, it's the opposite. It has rightfully gained a reputation where you need to drive like your life depends on it because on this Illinois highway, it does.

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Gallery Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections