I have a goal each day to be a calm and understanding person that is patient with ideas from others. However, I'm pretty sure the person who came up with the plan to divert the water from the Mississippi River to save California is out of their mind.

I nearly swallowed my gum which is remarkable because I wasn't chewing any at the time when I saw a plan shared by 24/7 Wall St about how there is an idea to divert waters from the Mississippi River from Missouri and direct it out west to save California. Say what?

The concept is that a massive pipeline would be built either from Missouri or maybe as far south as Louisiana which would take Mississippi River water and direct it toward Lake Powell which would eventually make its way to California.

Let's be clear. California does have dire water problems. But, moving Mississippi River water from the Midwest to the west coast cannot be the answer. Please tell me a sane person or group or government knows this isn't the answer?

One really big problem other than the logistics that was brought up in the 24/7 Wall St article is valid and that is the potential movement of invasive fish like the carp that are currently savaging the Mississippi River. You want invasive carp in California, too? This is a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

Surely I am not the only person in Missouri who is questioning loudly why this is even being discussed? See the full details of this "scheme" if you'd like more details.

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