A new law could pass in Missouri that would go after School Faculty and Teachers with a Class E Felony if they give students certain materials. What are lawmakers trying to prevent, and is this the right way to go about it?

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Lawmakers in Missouri are trying to send a LOUD & CLEAR message to schools in the Show-Me State, and that message is...Don't discuss "gender transitioning" in schools.

According to an article from KY3, lawmakers in Missouri are looking to charge any teachers or school staff that help a child under 18 with their "transition" with being a Sex Offender. In the article, they say...

"House Bill 2885... states that a teacher or school counselor commits the offense of contributing to the social transition of a student under the age of 18 if they provide support material, information, or other resources regarding child social transition...The bill classifies social transition as a person who adopts the name, pronouns, gender expression, clothing, and haircuts that match the person’s gender identity, not the gender they were at birth."

To read more about this possible new law in the Show-Me State, click here!

Do you support this bill?

If this bill passes I would be surprised, even in Missouri, because of how extreme the punishment is for the crime, but I will say this proposed law does have some legs to stand on in my opinion. If your goal is to make sure that schools and teachers are not influencing a child's thoughts on their gender then this bill would certainly prevent a lot of schools and teachers from talking about such topics in the classrooms. Do you think this bill should become law in Missouri?

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