And so it begins...the massive invasion of cicadas has started in Missouri.

We've been hearing for months how cicadas will be taking over areas in Missouri and in Illinois, but one photo just released on Reddit proves that the invasion has already started.

It has begun…
byu/stlredbird inmissouri

Why are so many cicadas predicted this year? Well, several reports have claimed that two major broods of cicadas are about to merge - the Northern Illinois Broods and the Great Southern Broods. The last time this took place was when Thomas Jefferson was president. It was predicted that in late April or early May, we would start seeing cicadas take over.

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Maps showing where the massive increase of cicadas will take place show that Northeast Missouri and Western Illinois seem to be that sight to be impacted the most by these noisy creatures.

Infographic, University of Connecticut
Infographic, University of Connecticut

Experts are calling this massive invasion a once-in-a-lifetime emergence which is kind of cool if you think about it, well if you like bugs anyway. There is good news, these pesky insects don't eat plants so if you were wondering if the new flowers you just planted are in danger you're in luck. You just might have a few hundred dead cicada bodies surrounding your house.

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