The scientists have gone so far as to make an interactive map to show you which parts of Illinois could soon be buried underwater, where is this happening, and why they think it will happen.

According to an article from News Week, scientists are releasing new data showing the impact of rising sea levels on the Great Lakes. Even though the Great Lakes are freshwater, the lakes are connected to the ocean, and this could spell disaster for coastlines along the Great Lakes.

How much could the Great Lakes water levels rise? In the article, they say "baseline lake level for Lake Superior, Michigan-Huron and Erie are expected to rise by roughly 20 to 50 centimeters [up to half a meter, or 1.6 feet] by 2050" The article goes on to mention that other researchers out of Michigan believe the lakes could rise as much as 6ft. For more information on this warning from scientists about the water levels rising in the Great Lakes, click here! 

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Should we be concerned?

It's not great news, but if we know the water levels are rising at least we can try to slow it down and prepare for it accordingly so we don't lose our beautiful lake shore in Chicago and the north suburbs of Chicago. What will be interesting to me is how Chicago might be the key to keeping levels lower in the Great Lakes, Chicago has the Chicago Harbor Lock that connects the lakes to the Mississippi River through the Chicago and Illinois Rivers, if levels are getting dangerously high in the lake they could allow water to flow through the lock and into the rivers, the rivers could store that water or let it flow freely into the Mississippi? Just a thought, someone way smarter than me is hopefully figuring out a way to protect the cities and shoreline from the rising water levels.

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