If House Bill 3239 passes in Illinois you will have to go through extra steps and "training" if you want to legally obtain a firearm in the Land of Lincoln. Here is what lawmakers are proposing...

According to an article from thecentersquare.com, lawmakers in Illinois are discussing House Bill 3239 which would add steps (or safety measures) to legally obtaining a firearm in Illinois.

What would this new law make you go through? According to the article, you would have to go through 8 hours of training, meet with your local law enforcement officers, pass a background check, be fingerprinted, along with other requirements, and have your FOID card. To read all about this proposed new law in Illinois, click here!

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Do you agree with this law?

There are parts of this new law that do make some sense and other parts that seem to not be well thought out. In order to get your FOID card you have to pass a background check, so to have to pass another background check for the next gun purchase you make seems to be redundant. Passing an 8-hour class also seems to me to be something that doesn't make sense, as opposed to having to fulfill a certain amount of firearms training at a range with a trained instructor, aka driver ed for gun ownership. But I do like the meeting with the local authorities, there is something about having to meet with police officers after just purchasing a gun to be fingerprinted or just pass a quick mental stability test with police officers that makes sense to me. Think about how many people who buy a gun, and then go shoot up a school, would have been stopped if they had to have a meeting with the police to purchase their gun. I think that would prevent a lot of those types of people from purchasing guns.

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