This recall hits very close to home literally. There's an urgent recall just issued from a Quincy, Illinois company regarding feed that has elevated levels of ingredients that can be harmful to cattle and fatal to chickens. The feed is commonly available in both Missouri and Illinois.

I was startled to see a press release from Quincy, Illinois from the Food and Drug Administration today from ADM. The bulletin says that one of their chicken feeds has "elevated levels of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and/or chloride" which is a big problem for most animals and can be fatal to chickens.

According to the press release, there was an equipment failure at ADM's Quincy, Illinois facility that led to this issue.

Here is the product under this urgent recall. It's the Pen Pals® Chicken Starter-Grower in 25 and 50 pound bags.


Here are all of the products that were distributed in Missouri and Illinois that are under this recall:

  • Pen Pals® Chicken Starter-Grower 25-lb bag (Product No 70009ACF46);
  • Pen Pals Chicken Starter-Grower 50-lb bag (Product No. 70009AAA44);
  • Pen Pals Chicken Starter-Grower 25-lb case (Product No. 70009AAABE);
  • MoorMan’s ShowTec Sale Burst w/DF DEN 50-lb. bag (Product No 21256CVWE4);
  • MoorMan's Show-Tec Burst Starter with DFCTC/DEN 50-lb. bag (Product No: 24320AYWE4);
  • ShowTec BB 18 BMD 50-lb. bag (Product No. 18241AGNE4);
  • ShowTec 14.5/6 BMD 50-lb. bag (Product No. 14560AGN);
  • AMPT-A CTC/IGR 50-lb. bag (Product No. 54229XNK);
  • ShowTec Hi Fat 18 BMD 50-lb. bag (Product No. 18007AGN);
  • Seniorglo 50-lb. bag (Product No. 10130AB)
  • MotivAte 12-15 DEN 50-lb. bag (Product No. 12286CVW)

The FDA bulletin says these products were distributed in Missouri and Illinois in late February through early March. As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is provided.

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