Have you ever heard bad news that is also mixed with some potential good news, too? That could be what's happening with a furniture chain in Illinois that has announced they are declaring bankruptcy and will be closing stores, but there might be a silver lining at the end of it for Illinois, too.

Furniture Today shared the news that there is a chain that has numerous Illinois locations that has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chain in question is RoomPlace and part of their restructuring will include many stores including this one in Illinois in Peoria.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The report also says that many in Indianapolis and another in Wisconsin will be closing also, so when does the good news part of this begin?

The encouraging (maybe) part of this comes from a quote in the story from Bruce Berman, CEO of The RoomPlace. He said that the bankruptcy and closing of stores especially those outside of Illinois means they can "concentrate on strengthening its 18 Chicagoland stores".

The hope is that the bankruptcy process and store closings will help RoomPlace to be stronger with their core Chicagoland region.

RoomPlace has been in the furniture business for more than 100 years and the stated goal of these cutbacks is to make sure the company survives another 100 years.

My dad used to tell me that sometimes to make a tree grow better you have to trim some limbs back which will make the whole tree stronger. Perhaps that principle will help a furniture store in Illinois come back from the brink.

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