This is one of those rare bills that should have unanimous support from the Right and the Left in the Land of Lincoln. Here are the details of the bill that lawmakers in Illinois need to pass ASAP.

According to an article from, lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are voting on a new bill that would make it law for insurance companies to cover patients with a family history of cancer for testing.

In the article, they say " companies in Illinois would be required to cover genetic testing if the patient has a family history of cancer. Out-of-pocket costs would be capped at $50. Illinois Medicaid patients would also be covered with no out-of-pocket costs." The article goes on to mention that this new bill does have support on both sides of the aisle and is heading to the floor, for more details, click here! 

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This needs to be a law ASAP

Woah...the government actually creating a law that HELPS people and defends them against greedy insurance companies?!?!

This law is extremely important for people in the fight against cancer, cancer has impacted everyone on this planet in one way or another, and early detection is key. If you can get screenings and tests done for as little as $50 there is no reason why you wouldn't do it if your family has a strong history of cancer. My family has a strong history of cancer and I would love to be able to get tests done and max pay $50 for them.

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