If you thought you were seeing a lot more California license plates on moving trucks entering Illinois, just wait. Thanks to a new change to how electric bills are figured in California, the exodus from the Golden State to the Land of Lincoln will only increase more.

In Illinois, the more electricity you use, the more you pay. That's how it works in most states, but not in California anymore. C-NET is now reporting that the state of California just passed a new law that change that traditional electric bill dynamic to something completely unique.

The California State Legislature passed Assembly Bill 205 which forces utility companies to change their billing to a progressive rate based on income. It will be fixed and California residents will pay one amount for electricity based on how much they make. 

Here's an example. If your household earns, $28,000 or less, you would only pay $15 per month in southern California. Those earning between $28,000 and $69,000 would pay $24 per month. $69,000 to $180,000 income households would have to pay $51 while those who make more than $180,000 would pay $85. That's great news if you have a low income household. The wealthy will bear the brunt of paying the higher cost for their energy.

What does this California electric bill change have to do with Illinois?

As Stacker shared, the #1 state for those relocating to Illinois is California. More than 20,000 Californians moved to Illinois in just one recent year. That's more than any other state. Now that California is penalizing those who earn more when it comes to electricity, expect that exodus from the Golden State to the Land of Lincoln to only increase more.

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