If you don't get out much, you might not know about a problem that has plagued Missouri for years and it's getting worse. The stories are true about huge 250 pound feral beasts that are wreaking havoc on the Missouri pastures and woods.

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What do you do about an invasive beast that weighs an eighth of a ton and can run up to 30 miles per hour? It's a problem for Missouri and the state is trying to do something about it. I'm talking about feral hogs that the USDA has been monitoring for the damage they're doing in the state.

It's easy to chuckle thinking about feral pigs, but these bad boys (and girls) are a true danger to humans and livestock as the Missouri Department of Conservation mentions. They say this specifically:

Feral hogs can be aggressive and have been known to attack humans. But the greater risk is that of contracting diseases through handling tissues of infected hogs. Swine brucellosis and pseudorabies have both been documented in feral hogs in Missouri, and both can affect humans and domestic animals.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says that feral hogs are now a big problem in 30 Missouri counties.

These big bad piggies are such a problem, the Missouri Department of Conservation has set up a special online reporting service or you can even call their Feral Hog Hotline at 573-522-4115 ext. 3296.

Nobody wants to run into a pack of huge beasts that are aggressive and can run faster than they can in the Missouri woods.

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Gallery Credit: Missouri Department of Revenue