Beware any messages on your phone that you don't specifically expect or know the origination of. There's a new sinister fake texting scam that is specifically being reported in Missouri targeting your cell phone so much so that the federal government has issued a stern warning.

I live in Missouri and I have seen this text on my device. I have a rule that I never ever click a link on a text unless it's from someone that I have specifically requested it from them. Even then, I tend to be suspicious.

The United States Postal Inspection Service just issued a bulletin advising everyone in Missouri to beware of the following scam. It goes like this.

  • The text will say that there is a USPS or UPS package that there is a problem with its delivery
  • You will be asked to click a link to provide more specific information to complete the delivery
  • The link will take you to a site that may even have United States Postal Service or UPS branding where they will ask for personal information.

If you provide the info the United States Postal Inspection Service says they will steal your "account usernames and passwords, Social Security number, date of birth, credit and debit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs)" and will try to rob you blind.

The feds point out that they provide free package tracking through the USPS site and United Parcel Service does also.

Some of the worst texting scams in Missouri look very legitimate on the surface. This is one of those which makes it so dangerous.

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