If you've ever wondered what would happen if the predicted 7.7 earthquake would ever hit the New Madrid Fault Zone in Missouri, wonder no more. A computer simulation shows how many people and cities would be devastated in real-time.

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I found this earthquake simulation channel on YouTube which explored what would happen if the predicted 7.7 New Madrid, Missouri earthquake that the USGS says is possible were to occur.

It begins with the initial jolt that would immediately destroy New Madrid, Missouri.

Simulation Shows the Terror of a 7.7 New Madrid Quake in Missouri

Gallery Credit: EarthquakeSim via YouTube

You can watch the timeline of the video show how this tragic New Madrid, Missouri quake would transpire.

The USGS says that a quake of this magnitude in Missouri would cause an estimated $300 billion dollars in damage, kill thousands instantly, crumble 1 million buildings and leave more than 1.6 million households without power for days if not weeks. It's also believed that bridges across the Mississippi River would be closed for weeks while authorities checked them for safety assuming they aren't brought down completely by the quake.

During the most recent "Shake Out" exercises, the USGS says Missouri is not prepared if this massive quake were to occur.

What is the likelihood of a 7.7 magnitude New Madrid Fault quake in Missouri?

The state of Missouri says that there is a 10% chance that this predicted quake will happen in the next 50 years.

The reality is this quake may not happen in our lifetime...or it could happen today. Best to be prepared if it's that second option.

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