It's been a disturbing trend so far in 2024 where many Missouri restaurants have shut their doors forever. Chili's has just joined that group by closing a Missouri location and reports say that many more are to follow.

CORRECTION: Chili's reached out and said the original MSN story is incorrect and the location that just closed is in Michigan. The St. Joseph, Missouri Chili's is not closing.

ORIGINAL STORY: MSN just shared a story about 12 different restaurant chains that have already shut down restaurants in 2024. They specifically mentioned that Chili's had closed the doors of their St. Joseph, Missouri location at 5105 N Belt Highway.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

CNN says that this is just the beginning and it's time to "say goodbye".

This Missouri Chili's closing appears to be just one of several that are closing immediately. They also shut down one of their Maine locations and other one in Oklahoma.

I've seen reports that Chili's may be about to declare bankruptcy, but cannot confirm that is imminent at this time. It's very possible this may only be the closing of underperforming locations and perhaps make possible new ones to open? That might be wishful thinking, but until an official with the chain confirms more closings or bankruptcy, anything is possible.

Time will tell if the St. Joseph, Missouri Chili's closing along with the restaurants in Maine and Oklahoma are just isolated closings or the first of many. Let's hope it's the first option.

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