As I was looking through some new grand openings for one of the most popular grocery store chains in Illinois, I noticed something curious. That same chain that has been rapidly opening new locations now suddenly has 16 properties for sale.

It's no secret that one of the more popular grocery chains in nearly every Illinois town is Aldi. I was looking around their grand openings page which has 5 new locations including one that apparently opened recently in Plainfield, Illinois. It was then I noticed something I hadn't seen before: Available Properties

Here are 16 locations in Illinois that their corporate site says are available:

Aldi property available in Elgin, Illinois.
Google Maps Street View

I'm not saying there's anything that unusual with a grocery store chain selling land and/or buildings. It's just something I had not noticed from Aldi before. They're known more for opening stores than selling them and I thought it was curious and nothing more.

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