I used to love to read books. I'd be smarter now if I hadn't stopped, but that's another issue for a different day. If you have books that you no longer want or need, there are 5 places in Missouri that you can donate them that will truly help others.

I want to give credit to Reader's Digest for this idea as they shared a number of online places that accept books, too, but for this I'll stick with actual brick and mortar locations that accept used books.

Local Missouri Schools

No, they probably won't accept any books with truly adult material so perhaps that copy of Cujo by Stephen King won't be donatable, but most local Missouri schools will be happy to accept book donations if the subject matter is acceptable. You will need to contact the Missouri school librarian for specifics as it's possible that some many not take outside books.

Missouri Prisons

You'd be surprised how appreciative a local jail or prison would be of any books you would be willing to donate. This is once again up to the officer in charge, but most Missouri detention centers or prisons will gladly take any and all used books off your hands and you might be helping someone who's needing some entertainment and hope in their life, too.

Missouri Libraries

This should be the most obvious and easy option on your list if you have books to donate. Just like prisons, most Missouri libraries will accept virtually any book on any subject. They can decide what age groups have access to them later.

Missouri Salvation Army

The Missouri Salvation Army will accept many types of books for their stores to raise money for their community support projects.

Missouri Goodwill

Missouri Goodwill stores appear to accept all types of books also. You need to check their website for guidelines on what's OK and what's not.

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