If you want something done and done right, find a Missouri working dog. Don't believe me? You should see a team of canines who convinced a bunch of cattle that they needed to load onto a trailer like it was nothing.

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According to the time stamp on the video description, this moment of dog glory was captured in Poplar Bluff, Missouri several weeks ago. The man who shared the video mentioned the dog breeds involved in this impressive display:

A 2-year-old great Pyrenees, border collie/Aussie mix, and two blue heelers.

All epic working dog breeds. Now watch them in action.

I have had many dogs as pets in my life, but none were tasked with doing a real job. My grandma had a dairy farm in Missouri many decades ago and I do remember she had a couple of dogs who helped, but never at this level. I have cousins that swear by blue heelers as great dogs who are probably smarter than us humans. After seeing this commanding display of cattle management, I believe it.

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