Ever have a memory get shared that triggers a flood of your own? That happened for me today as a new video shows a complete throwback from Meramec Caverns in Missouri via a View-Master from 1971.

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If you're saying "What's a View-Master", you're officially too young. I'll give you the short version. It was a small view-finder kind of device in the 1970's where you could put a wheel-like carousel in the "View-Master" and look at bright pictures from different locations.

I saw this topic brought up in a fun conversation on the Missouri sub-RedditView-Master Travels on YouTube just shared this neat trip back in time to 1971 with a View-Master slide from Meramec Caverns in Missouri.

One thing I recall when I had a View-Master was how bright the pics appeared through the device to your eyes. No, we did not have many fancy computers in the 1970's, but View-Master devices were about as close as we got.

I remember having View-Master carousels from Silver Dollar City in Missouri plus Six Flags...just about every tourist destination in Missouri had a View-Master and the pictures were epic.

There's a reason why the View-Master is in the National Toy Hall of Fame. The fact that this throwback video captures the magic of a great Missouri destination just makes it all the better.

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