I love dogs. I’ve been fortunate to have many during my lifetime. However, according to a brand new ranking, I have never had Missouri’s favorite dog breed and I’m genuinely surprised this is the choice and I predict you probably will be, too.

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Before I share what Forbes says is the absolute favorite dog breed, what would be your pick? Labrador retriever, German Shepherd or maybe Husky or Poodle? All great dogs, but not the favorite of Missouri (allegedly).

What is Missouri’s favorite dog breed (or in this case “breeds”)?

You might want to sit down for this. For Missouri pet owners, it apparently doesn’t get any better than an Australian Shepherd or a Bulldog. Don’t misunderstand. Both great dogs with awesome personalities. But, I’ve never known any of my Missouri friends who have had them as pets. Admittedly, I don’t get out very often, but that really surprises me.

The overall favorite breed according to Forbes is the German Shepherd which doesn’t surprise me although I would have guessed the good ole reliable Labrador Retriever. I have had two Labs in my family years ago and they were the best dogs. If we were to get a dog now, I’d probably choose a Husky, but we have rabbits so that’s not a likely scenario.

Check out the complete Forbes list especially if you’re a dog and not a cat person. It really is interesting what the new dog trends are in each state.

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