Since I was born and raised in Missouri, I've been to and through St. Louis many times. I've also traveled through many ghost towns which is why I'm perplexed at a new study that claims this big metro is really a 'modern ghost town'. There's some real science that proves that really is the case.

How would you define a ghost town? I picture old buildings, tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes everywhere. There's a new study shared by 24/7 Wall St that looks at what a 'ghost town' is from a different perspective. They ranked the top 50 zip codes that have the highest percentages of vacant homes within. Guess what? 8 of those top 50 are either in or near St. Louis, Missouri's region. 

Here's an example they gave. 63133 is one of the zip codes for St. Louis and within that area there are 379 vacant homes which represents more than 14% of all the homes in the 63133 zip code area.

Everyone knows that the real St. Louis, Missouri area also includes East St. Louis across the river in Illinois which is also famous for how many vacant homes are there. 62205, 62206 and 62204 all made the top 50 for this 'ghost town' list.

Of the 8 St. Louis, Missouri zip codes that have the most vacant buildings, 63113 is tops where there are 937 empty homes representing a staggering 21.8% of all homes in that zip code. That's insane.

St. Louis, Missouri is a ghost town? That's a concept that some are now accepting as a real thing.

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