I'm very happy that Quincy, Illinois will finally have the long-rumored Target store it's always wanted. My excitement however is mixed with some fear though, too. Why? My prediction is that the grand opening will be an extinction level event and I'll explain why.

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We originally reported that the grand opening date for the Quincy, Illinois Target is expected sometime in August of 2023 (according to KHQAQuincy Herald-Whig and Muddy River News). Now, we know it is set for Sunday, August 13, 2023.

Let me explain what I mean be "extinction level event". No, I do not expect a comet to impact on grand opening day and kill all the dinosaurs again. In a retail world, I fully expect that tri-state residents will go out of their mind getting into the new Target to check it out.

Think about it. How insane does it get every time a new restaurant opens? Now, amplify that by about 50 and you might get an understanding of how crazy Quincy will get for a week or two while everyone and their dog/cat/horse seeks to check out the new Target.

In a matter of weeks, this turn lane on Broadway in Quincy will become a circus.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

The good news is there's the 36th street access also which should ease the masses trying to enter on Broadway, but only by a little bit.

I remember the furor I accidentally started a couple years ago when I found Target job listings for Quincy months before there was even confirmation that the store was officially coming to town. The comments on our Facebook page numbered in the tens of thousands and I'm not even exaggerating a little bit.

Once the grand opening date rolls around on August 13, prepare for traffic unlike anything you've seen on Broadway in Quincy in generations. I could be wrong, but pretty sure I'm not. An extinction level grand opening retail event is seriously coming to Quincy soon. Brace yourself.

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