Pop quiz, hot shot. Why was I putting air in my tires at the gas station this week? Answer - because Missouri potholes are even worse in 2024 because of the crazy weather changes.

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This is not only a rant from me about Missouri potholes, but even the Missouri Department of Transportation has officially acknowledged that 'pothole season' is here, so watch out. You know potholes in the Show Me State are bad when there are even people who take the time to issue press releases about them.

Here's a staggering statistic that MODOT just shared. A couple of years ago they "patched approximately 530,000 potholes spending $18 million on pothole patching". Dang. That's a lot of roadwork.

Why do potholes seem to be worst in Missouri this year?

Breaking news: I am not known for my great scientific mind so I'll keep this simple. Extreme cold makes things shrink. Extreme heat makes things expand. Missouri has had both this winter which means the roads have had a lot of stress on them. Here's another factor. When moisture seeps into pavement cracks and then becomes ice, it expands. In other words, really stressful few months for our roads.

Potholes in Missouri aren't new, so what's the big deal?

The very good reason for this MODOT press release is road crews are out in force working on potholes during our (likely temporary) warmer, nicer weather. That means to watch out for workers who are literally risking their lives by fixing roads you and/or me are still driving on. That means watch for them and slow down and move over when you're near.

You can actually do something about Missouri potholes

I can verify that if you report a pothole in Missouri, they will try to fix it. I mentioned a terrible pit of a pothole where 61 and 24 meet in northeast Missouri a couple months ago and I'm happy to report it's now patched. Thanks, MODOT.

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