It's easy to overlook something that's in your own backyard. I will admit that I'm guilty of taking things for granted that I've lived near most of my life. That's true of Perry, Missouri that was just named one of the most charming towns in Missouri.

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This isn't just my opinion, by the way. World Atlas is the site responsible for this new "8 Most Charming Towns in Missouri" list. As you can see for yourself on their site, Perry is one of the most charming towns in the state.

So what's so charming about Perry, Missouri?

Normally, I tend to question national sites that include our local places as you can tell many have never even been to our part of Missouri. But, in this case, I think World Atlas got it exactly right. They mention that walking in the downtown part of Perry hearkens back to a simpler time in America. I agree wholeheartedly. Here's more on how they described Perry:

Quaint and quiet, Perry is the peaceful southern gateway to Mark Twain Lake.

Quaint, quiet and peaceful sounds about right. Since Mark Twain Lake became an attraction, I think most view Perry as either the town you drive through on your way to or from the lake. I think it's much more than that though. I like the wide open spaces of the park in Perry with the pavilion/gazebo plus play area for kids.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

If I had to pick one town in our part of Missouri as the most "Mayberry" or Andy Griffith Show type of place, Perry would be it. Charming? I'd vote yes.

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