I try very hard to not be an alarmist, but current reality means you really need to have an emergency plan in your head of what you'd do if everyone's worst-case scenario happens. There are several things that you could see happen in Illinois that might give you an early warning that a nuclear attack is imminent.

Here are some things to consider if you think Illinois suddenly glowing in the dark with no warning is ridiculous. Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Jacobsen in her new book "Nuclear War - A Scenario" said that former Presidential advisors told her that warning the public if a nuclear attack is imminent is not necessarily a part of the plan.

War on the Rocks says that the government's recently declassified "Bolt Out of the Blue" document reveals that it's possible for an enemy to launch such an overwhelming nuclear attack, the United States government could have little if any warning. They called it a "nuclear Pearl Harbor".

One more thing to consider. Did you know that Russia and China's new hypersonic missiles are not trackable by some radars? The US and Japan are currently working on technology to counter those missiles, but they aren't ready yet.

What does all this mean? You could be on your own to determine if Illinois is about to endure a nuclear hit and we know from recently shared intelligence that the Land of Lincoln would be an almost certain first-strike target by Russia, China or any nuclear-capable enemy.

Here are 5 things to watch for that could alert you to an imminent (or even beginnings) of a nuclear attack on Illinois

  • If you suddenly learn that military family members or friends are being summoned to a base for unannounced exercises even including those on planned leave.
  • If you suddenly see a mass exit of planes from Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, that could mean a conflict is either imminent or already started.
  • If you're driving and your vehicle engine suddenly stops as do those of other drivers around you. That could be the sign of an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack which many believe would precede a massive nuclear strike on the ground.
  • If you learn that US Embassies are being evacuated and staff are being shuttled to hardened shelters. It's not likely this would make the regular news.
  • If you see a large amount of police and/or military vehicles moving toward known evacuation routes, that could mean they're preparing for a mass exodus after an attack.

It's easy to laugh this off as unthinkable, but keep in mind that Putin once again threatened America with nukes just days ago due to what he claims is interference in the Ukrainian conflict. He's started nuclear weapons drills. Let's hope this is all saber-rattling and this worst-case scenario never becomes reality.

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