It's not breaking news that there are underground tunnels in Missouri. I have truck drivers in my family and friend circle that have delivered cargo there. But, there are apparently tunnels the public does not have access to and new theories claim they have sinister purposes. Let's see if there's any provable truth hiding behind those theories.

Missouri likely has more tunnels than any other state in America. Most like the huge storage tunnels near Springfield, Missouri we know about because companies store many goods there. It's called the Springfield Underground. These are not the underground parts of Missouri we're talking about.

This very recent Facebook share claims to show a map of a tunnel system that passes directly under Missouri that we're not supposed to know about and it's vast.

The Tesla Telegraph claims to know why these tunnels exist under Missouri. They say we know that many involve classified activities of the military and some were even missile silos during the Cold War era especially in western Missouri near Kansas City. But, where solid evidence ends, crazy speculation begins.

Here are some of the claims for what these tunnels under Missouri are being used for.

  • Experiments involving Antigravity Propulsion
  • Secret medical and health advancements
  • Testing advanced weapon technology
  • Free energy theory testing

The interesting aspect of the theory of secret weapons testing is it might involve technology that is not allowed during current disarmament treaties or limitations or is at such a level where only the highest classified officials would even know about it.

There are some believe that even the President of the United States may not be briefed on exactly what has happened or is happening in these underground facilities.

I really don't have any question that there is some truth behind the theories that Missouri has tunnels we don't know about underneath. The only uncertainty in my mind is what's being done within them and the bases they probably connect.

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Gallery Credit: Noah Wittner via YouTube

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