The campsite host knew something was wrong when she found a dog alone in an Illinois campground. That's one of the strange twists in a story that was shared by an Illinois couple who saw something in the woods they apparently were not supposed to see based on the fact that the government allegedly tried to keep them from telling their story.

This story that was shared recently on a popular YouTube channel featured a retired Illinois teacher who had quite an adventure that I believe dates back to 2016. According to what she shared with the YouTube host on Lilith Dread, she had decided to take a position as someone who oversaw campgrounds in Illinois. Her routine involved regularly checking in on campers to make sure everything was alright.

She first saw an Illinois couple who had a small dog with them and introduced herself. Everything was fine and she didn't think anything about it since they were just some of the many campers in her area.

A few days later, she realized something was wrong when she arrived at their campsite and found only their small dog. Soon after, a ranger vehicle showed up with the couple who were visibly shaken. She asked them what was wrong and they explained they had come across...something...on a trail in the woods. Whatever it was caused them to flee into a cave where they hid until they thought they could make a break back for the campground.

They explained that they had thrown rocks to try and dissuade whatever this creature was as they felt their lives were in danger. They planned to share what they experienced with a local Illinois TV station or newspaper.

Not long after that, the teacher claims she saw some official-looking type of government vehicle appear and the couple were being spoken with by whoever was in that vehicle.

A few days later, the retired teacher turned camp host saw a story in the local newspaper that spoke about how they had gotten lost in the woods, but no details of the creature they had told her they'd seen. Nothing was said about it. 

Did that Illinois couple see something that the government knew about back in the woods and they wanted to keep it quiet? Listen to the story as told to Lilith Dread and decide for yourselves if they truly were silenced or if this is just another crazy tale from the remote Illinois woods.

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