I stay off of interstates whenever possible and this is one of the reasons why. Two of America's most deadly interstates cut through Missouri and the toll of lives lost on them in unfathomable.

Just a few weeks ago, The Zebra shared what statistics show are the 10 most dangerous interstates in America and Missouri just so happens to be the home of two of them. I guessed one of them easily. The other was not so obvious.

No surprise that one of the top 10 most dangerous interstates is I-70 which cuts a path straight across the heart of Missouri. Get this. Interstate 70 averages 7.35 deaths for every 100 miles of its existence.

Here's another stunning revelation. I-70 is NOT the most dangerous interstate in Missouri. Nope. That infamous honor goes to Interstate 35 which cuts through the northwest corner of Missouri including Kansas City. I-35 averages 12.56 deaths for every 100 miles.

In case you're curious, Interstate 80 in Iowa made the top 10 most dangerous interstates, too, coming in as the 9th most dangerous right behind I-70.

Since I grew up (note that I did not say "matured") in Missouri, it's no surprise that I've driven on all of these dangerous interstates. I-70 was rarely as much of a problem than I-35. The handful of times I've passed to or through Kansas City, I hold my breath as I'm dealing with traffic there. I will say that I-70 especially around Columbia is precarious. I'm not blaming all the college students that go to and from Mizzou, but it's really crazy on that part of I-70 especially during the Spring months and late summer.

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