When you imagine the word "unique", it's hard to come up with a better definition of that than a 55 million square foot man-made cave. That is exactly what has just been declared the most unique place in Missouri.

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To say something in Missouri is unique is not unusual. Think about it. The Show Me State is the place that gave the world the stealth fighter at the bottom of the swimming pool and the Stonehenge-like structure made out of canoes. A-Z Animals says there's a place that tops both of those.

What is the new most unique place in Missouri?

They say it's the 55,000,000 square foot man-made cave in the Kansas City, Missouri area known as Subtropolis.

When I first learned about Subtroplis, I was convinced this was a doomsday bunker the elite had built to survive some future apocalypse. As it turns out, I was wrong (for now). As the official website confirms, this is one of the most elaborate and spacious underground storage areas in America. It's no deep dark secret either. Well, it is deep I suppose.

Here are some staggering numbers about Subtropolis:

  • It has 10,000 limestone pillars
  • It houses "55 international, national, regional and local companies"
  • It has 7.8 million square feet of available space

But is it really the most "unique" place in Missouri which is chock full of "unique" places? The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can't come up with a weirder place myself. So Subtropolis wins (for now)

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