I've lived in Missouri long enough to know that my home state is full of funny people. That being said, I don't think a Missouri man was joking recently when he officially gave the worst tornado advice you'll ever hear.

I won't immediately give away what the advice was just yet, but this new YouTube short share by a guy who was driving through the Missouri Ozarks during the most recent severe storms outbreak includes the worst tornado advice ever and I'm pretty sure there's not even a close second.

Make sure your sound is turned up because you'll need to hear this to believe it.

In case you didn't take the time to watch the guy's video, I'll give you the short version. He was told by a Missouri guy the following about how to deal with tornadoes:

"Look here. Those tornadoes...they're more afraid of you than you are of them...stop being a wuss. Stop being a wuss. Stop being a wuss."

Like I said, Missouri has lots of funny people, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that guy from the Osage Beach area of Missouri was not joking. He was likely dead serious that being afraid of tornadoes is "being a wuss". I've spent enough time in that part of Missouri to know that matches some frequent attitudes I've detected in those parts of the Show Me State.

You don't need me to tell you this, but feel free to continue being afraid of tornadoes. It might help you live longer. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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