I don't expect Missouri to suddenly become as populated as some of the coastal states, but my expectations are way off based on the predictions of a futurist who says half of Missouri will become ghost towns within the next century.

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These "experts" are relatively close to our part of the world as this study shared by The Daily Mail originated from scientists at the University of Chicago. They measured fertility rates, cost of living and a number of other factors that decide where people move to or away from. Their estimates for Missouri are staggering.

This map shows the parts of America they predict will grow and which ones will decline. Notice how much of Missouri is shown as headed toward a steep decline.

Infographic, University of Chicago.
Infographic, University of Chicago.

They estimate that more than half of Missouri's current towns will evolve into 'ghost towns' by the year 2100. Across the country, they estimate half (meaning around 12,500) of America's current cities will be abandoned by the time we turn the calendar to the year 2100.

If you want to look at this as a glass half full sort of scenario, we have another great 76 years to go.

Oh, there is one caveat to all this. This data is assuming there is no catastrophic event that hurries up this trend of people deserting Missouri and Illinois for that matter. That means the end could be even sooner than you think. Now, have a nice day.

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