Many people thought the world was ending this week when many lost cellular connections due to a nationwide outage. Many theorized it was caused by massive solar flares. That turned out to be a false alarm, but what would be the best place to survive such an event? Missouri is near or at the top of that list and I can prove it.

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Did you notice these apocalyptic headlines on Drudge Report this week when many lost their phone service?

Infographic, Drudge Report
Infographic, Drudge Report

We learned after the fact that solar flares did NOT knock out cell service, but a scenario where a solar event knocks out the power grid is very real. Business Insider said a "once-in-a-lifetime rare solar storm could fry power grids". They went on to say that "we've never been more vulnerable" and they're right.

Here's something you also need to know. It could happen with little to no warning.

Why is Missouri the best place to be if a disastrous solar flare event happens?

Missouri has long been ranked as one of if not THE best states for off-the-grid living. Here are the primary reasons why:

  • Lots of farm land
  • Long growing seasons
  • Many livable underground caves
  • Many rivers where water could be obtained and filtered
  • Lots of non-metro areas if civil chaos breaks out

Survival living is one area where Missouri excels. Many already live off-the-grid in the southern parts of the states including many homesteaders.

If a solar flare were to fry the electric grid, you won't find many states better than Missouri to survive in. It might be one of the last holdouts for society if we wake up to a worst-case-scenario someday. It's really not something that's only a Hollywood disaster movie plot anymore. Some believe it's inevitable and this week was a reminder of how suddenly it might happen.

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