While I think the concern isn't really relevant, I understand that there are some Missouri ranchers who are increasingly becoming concerned about wolves returning to Missouri. If that is even a fleeting thought in your head, you really should consider getting attack donkeys and I'm being serious.

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Let's get something out of the way from the beginning. There is no evidence right now that there's any kind of constant wolf population in Missouri. But, the Missouri Department of Conservation admits that we're seeing more lone wolves make their way through the Show Me State as they wander from northern areas like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

But, what if I'm a rancher and want to take preventative measures if a wolf population becomes a real issue in Missouri again?

Answer - Get attack donkeys. Really. 

If you doubt my donkey guidance, ask ranchers in Colorado who really do have to defend their herds from invading wolf packs. They have found that donkeys make great guard animals against wolves. They are fearless and can quite literally stomp the living daylights out of any intruding predator. They note that not every donkey makes a good wolf protector, more and more farmers and ranchers make sure they have some donkeys in their population for this very reason.

This is already being done in Michigan, by the way.

Donkeys as livestock guardians? Don't laugh too much. One of these animals may be your livestock's best buddy if the wolf population ever returns for real in Missouri.

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