We know that Missouri would be a likely early target if a worst-case scenario first strike nuclear attack ever happened, but there's a new area that I've never heard mentioned before that has emerged and it could be devastating.

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As I've shared before, Missouri would be in big trouble if the superpowers had a confrontation that went nuclear. FEMA has even shared a map showing the likely missile targets.

Infographic, FEMA
Infographic, FEMA

But, there's one Missouri target that I've just seen mentioned and I've confirmed a hit there would cause catastrophic problems we've never considered before.

What is this new potential Missouri nuke target?

Brace yourself (literally) because it's the New Madrid Fault.

Did you know that the USGS has even confirmed that a nuclear attack on an earthquake fault CAN cause an earthquake? It's true. They say "a nuclear explosion can cause an earthquake and even an aftershock sequence."

Why would an enemy target the New Madrid Fault Zone?

It makes an alarming amount of sense if you think about it. If an enemy wanted to disrupt travel throughout the middle of America, trying to trigger a massive earthquake that could take down bridges across the Mississippi River would be an efficient way to do that.

But, there is some good news...

The USGS says "earthquakes induced by explosions have been much smaller than the explosion, and the aftershock sequence produces fewer and smaller aftershocks than a similar size earthquake".

Imagine trying to deal with the reality of a nuclear attack and a major earthquake at the same time though. It's something even disaster movies out of Hollywood haven't even simulated. That's why this potential new Missouri nuke target is something we hope is never attempted or we'll all have our worst day ever.

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