I've decided to forego my plans of becoming a Missouri cave explorer and I'll explain why. It's a new video I've uncovered that shows what happened the moment a hillbilly encountered a very ticked-off mountain lion hiding in a cave.

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I don't know the exact location where this video was captured, but I've heard stories of Missourians finding big cats in caves before and this guy refers to himself as "outlawed hillbilly" which sounds about right for southern Missouri.

There's no backstory since this is a YouTube short, but it's pretty self-explanatory that this mountain lion was not happy to be disturbed in the cave he had claimed as his own.

We know for a fact that mountain lion sightings in Missouri are on the rise because the Missouri Department of Conservation has told us so. Their map of locations where these big cat predators have been spotted seems to be growing just about every day.

Infographic, Missouri Department of Conservation
Infographic, Missouri Department of Conservation

These numbers are expected to not only rise, but sightings are now happening further north in the state than they have in the past.

Kudos to the "outlawed hillbilly" on surviving his mountain lion encounter. It's not often you see one of these big kitty cats hiding in a Missouri cave.

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