When you live in one certain part of Missouri, you can't count on the fact that the sound of thunder means there are storms nearby. One Missouri man shared video that proved this point by showing what it really was in the sky above him.

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This is one of those videos you want to make sure your sound is turned up for. Nothing quite like the thunder that is frequently heard in Missouri for anyone and everyone that lives near Whiteman Air Force Base.

In case you didn't know, Whiteman Air Force Base is the home of America's B-2 Stealth Bomber.

I saw this fun short YouTube video shared by The Legend of Jeff (no relation) near Knob Noster, Missouri. It's another example of how common it is to look up in the sky and see this sight (and sound) in the Show Me State.

It wasn't that many months ago when we had reports of a B-2 stealth bomber that was seen and heard over South Park in Quincy. Occasionally you'll see these impressive silent killers have flights that bring them in our vicinity. While they're not completely silent, you really have to see it's coming to detect it as it really doesn't make much of a commotion. It's the type of "thunder" over your head that makes you glad that you're not the enemy that it has in its sights.

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