Floating some of Missouri's many rivers is a way of life during the summer months. Most of those experiences are as peaceful and relaxing as it gets. One Missouri man was camping near the Current River when he woke up hearing something massive taking huge steps through the water. Then, it screamed.

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The Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory just interviewed James who told the story of his float trip down the Current River in the Sunklands Conservation Area. While I would recommend listening to the entire interview, here are some highlights of what James shared. He said it began when he was asleep in his campsite after a day of floating the Current River:

James - "About 8 years ago, we were asleep...it was probably the middle of the night...I was awakened by what sounded like someone walking across the river...I'm laying there listening to this wondering who's dumb enough to do this...it's not easy to walk across the Current River...the current is moving fast..."

Once the steps left the river, James did not hear anything. No sounds on the rock bar or in the woods. It was strange. James and his family slept the rest of the night and then resumed their float the next day.

That was the first experience. The second one happened around 6 years ago. He was camping with the father of his daughter's friend. After a day of floating, they ended up on the same exact spot they had stopped previously. He and his friend were visiting around a campfire having a normal conversation when suddenly...they heard a blood-curdling scream "that turned into a roar". 

That was just the beginning of James experiences near the Current River of...something that shadowing their journey. Check out all of James eyewitness stories in the Sasquatch Theory interview. Pretty chilling stuff to imagine.

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