It's not unusual for a college to receive devotion and love from its alumni. However, there are a few universities where that affection almost takes on a cult-like quality. Did you know that 3 of these lie just across the border from Missouri?

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For the record, this isn't my opinion on which colleges/universities resemble cults. If it was, Kansas would be on the list, but I digress. This one comes from Broke Scholar. They even shared a handy map showing the places of higher education that have an almost cult-like devotion. Almost.

The ones that lie just across the Missouri border include:

  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Mississippi
  • Vanderbilt - Tennessee
  • Honorable mention - University of Kansas

I'm gonna go ahead and add the University of Kansas just because I can.

So what makes a college more of a cult than just school?

Devotion that goes far beyond that attending school years would be one of them. I have friends that love Alabama and I mean REALLY love Alabama to the point where "Roll Tide" is more than just a motto.

Ever been to a Missouri/Kansas basketball game? I would not be surprised if the Jayhawks appeared in hooded robes. Seriously.

I would also agree with Broke Scholar's take on the Ivy League schools. There have to be some secret ceremonies happening after hours on some of those campuses.

As for Missouri, keep an eye on the border crossing places especially to the West and South. You never know when a Razorback or Jayhawk might be trying to sneak across.

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