You won't see this very often. A trail camera in the Midwest has captured video footage of very young wolf pups playing in the woods.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project is one of the Midwest's most active groups in tracking wolves in our region. They are located in Minnesota and just dropped this new video a few days ago showing young wolf pups playing together in the woods.

These young pups are part of the same pack that was spotted on a different trail camera during the winter months. This Minnesota pack is one of the few in the Midwest that includes a large number of black wolves.

Wolf Haven shared a fascinating look at the social structure of a wolf pack. As they mention, a pack is born when a lone female wolf bonds with a lone male wolf. There may be multiple breeding couples within the pack, but those first two become the alphas. Sometimes packs will split with one group moving into a new territory, but the dynamics of the wolf pack will remain the same with two dominant alphas running the pack.

These young pups are learning social skills even as they play. The stronger among these will eventually take their place in the pack helping the entire group to survive.

If you're interesting wolves, highly recommended that you follow Voyageurs Wolf Project on YouTube as they frequently share new wolf activity in their part of the Midwest.

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