For the record, I thought Missouri tornadoes were already fierce enough. There are multiple new reports that indicate a weather change is coming to the Midwest that may very well bring 'meaner' tornadoes to Missouri.

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I have a simple mind that understands simple concepts. This isn't one of those things. The Weather Channel believes that we're about to shift from a Super El Niño in Missouri and the rest of the Midwest to a La NiñaWhat in the heckfire does that mean?

I'll give you the short version (that was told to me in a 2nd grade way even I could understand). Tornado outbreaks in Missouri will be more common in 2024 and are likely to be 'meaner'. Translation? Make sure your storm cellar is well equipped.

Here's another jarring reminder. When was the last time we had a La Niña year? Answer - 2011. We all know what happened in Missouri in May of 2011.

No, I am NOT predicting Missouri will see another Joplin type of twister in 2024. But, to know that conditions this Spring will mirror what happened in Missouri during the Spring and summer of 2024 is harrowing.

That's why I say watch out. Once March rolls around, we'll start to see thunderstorm systems roll through Missouri and they could have more attitude than usual. Just what we needed...NOT.

You can see what other changes this weather change could bring to us in 2024 in another report by CNN, too.

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