Stand by for something quite unexpected. For some reason unknown at this time, there is confirmation that a wild cat native only to Africa is really on the loose in Decatur, Illinois.

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Have you ever heard of a serval? It's a cat native only to Africa that WANDTV (We are Central Illinois) reports is loose in Decatur, Illinois. They say this African feline was sighted "North East side of the City of Decatur". This is what the cat looks like, by the way.

Animalogic via YouTube
Animalogic via YouTube

There's a lot to unpack here. First, Wikipedia says that the African serval is a carnivore, but it's normal prey are rats, rodents and small animals. They are solitary animals, but if a serval were to be cornered by a human, it's hard to say how this animal might respond. Assume it's dangerous and you won't be sorry.

What in the world is a serval doing in Decatur, Illinois?

There's no confirmation from officials at the Macon County Animal Control yet, but you'd have to assume that someone had this poor cat as a pet (illegally, I might add) and it escaped.

Oh, by the way, servals can jump...really jump.

Let's hope that this serval can be safely found and captured in Decatur, Illinois (I can't believe I'm actually writing that) before it is injured or injures someone/something.

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